Automation in the HR department, an interview

Automation in the HR department, an interview

Relieving the HR department of routine tasks using intelligent software: An interview.

Automation in the HR department, an interview

Relieving the HR department of routine tasks using intelligent software

How can employees in HR departments be relieved of routine tasks (such as vacation notices) using software?

This will sound familiar: Your employees apply for leave, report in sick and want to hand in a sick note or request documents for nursery or child care. These routine questions can easily be outsourced via software – for example using a chat robot that understands the question and answers it appropriately.

The idea is simple. An employee can talk to or chat with the HR department, which is available 24/7. But actually, they communicate with a self-service platform which relieves the HR department and empowers the employee at the same time. Our chat system also contains answers about labour law, for example regarding statutory extra holidays and similar matters.

Getting back to the question: We assume that “Danielle” does everything in HR automatically, so that the HR department can focus on personnel development. Because in order to correctly assess people, more senses than computers currently have are necessary.
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Which processes are “easily” outsourceable (e.g., directly to the employees) and save time for the HR department?

Employees can check their personnel file using the chat feature, add a profile photo to it, upload certificates, e.g., a registration certificate after a relocation, or a doctor’s note in case of sick leave, completely independently. Apart from that, they can check an overview of their booked and remaining leave days, are able to apply for or cancel leave anytime, and possibly have their leave approved immediately, if applicable. Working time recording, overtime management and shift work planning are also possible via the chat robot.

What are the advantages of such a software for employees?

Most of the time, employees make holiday plans with their partner or family during the weekend or in the evening. Now, they can immediately apply for leave using their smartphone. The software allows the definition of conditions that need to be met for leave applications to be automatically approved. Thus, a leave application can potentially be approved within seconds.

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What are the advantages for the company?

The company doesn’t need to install any software and doesn’t face any project costs to deploy the solution. It can be used directly on the web and is based on a pay-per-use pricing scheme. Due to the low and flexible pricing, this model is especially suitable for smaller companies.


Automation in the HR department, an interview