Newsletter – 20 December 2019


  • A representative can be entered for each employee.
  • Additional invoice address
  • Company settings

At the end of the year we have prepared a small Christmas present with new features in the Danielle Software. Surely we can relieve you in one or the other place. Details can be found as always in our documentation.

Benefit from new functionalities!

Personnel File

You probably also have representation regulations in your company. You should now reproduce this in your personnel file and, in the event of a substitution, transfer the rights of superior to the representative. In this way, you will no longer lose any leave requests or requests for overtime.

Transfer the rights of a superior to a representative and your employee requests will not remain unanswered!


A request for leave is automatically sent by e-mail to the leave applicant, the personnel department and the superior. Previously, the superior and the department were freely selectable by the leave applicant – this is no longer the case. However, the fact that the applicant’s colleagues, i.e. the department, are also informed can still be selected optionally.

With fewer clicks, your leave request goes directly to your supervisor!

Time Recording

Create a time span for the interruption of working time between two work bookings for an automatic booking of breaks in case of a shortfall. If the defined interruption of working time is undercut by a manual time booking, the difference between the booked time and the defined interruption of working time is booked as a break.

Set whether the time between two working time entries should be a break or a time off!


In addition to the first registered user, you can enter an e-mail address for sending invoices. If you have your own accounting address, you can add it and the invoice will be sent there automatically. This is also new: Your invoice will be attached to the e-mail.

Independent of this, you can download the invoice in the payment section.

Save yourself the trouble of forwarding the invoice to your accounting department!

Company Setting

The personnel department can set new restrictions per company:

  • Block working time accont query in chatbot
  • Hide working time account for employee
  • Inherit employee rights hirarchically

Determine individually what your employees may see!